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Eugene Waldorf School

Faculty Profiles

  • Marion Aragon-Herbert, Rainbow Bridge Parent-Child Class Teacher

    Marion grew up in southwest Germany, not far from Stuttgart where the first Waldorf School was founded (and is still flourishing).  Surrounded by a large and close-knit family, Marion is the oldest of five siblings as well as numerous cousins, and enjoyed taking care of little ones.

    In her early twenties, Marion went to live in France, mainly in Paris, to connect with the French side of her ancestry and to study the language.  Carried by the same quest for adventure she moved to America in the late 1970’s, and after a brief stopover in California, happily settled in Ashland, Oregon.  There she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a minor in French. In Ashland, Marion met her husband, Tim.  When their oldest child was born, Marion remembered Waldorf education, made a connection with the Waldorf School of the Rogue Valley and began to study anthroposophy.

    In 1993 her whole family moved to Eugene where Marion completed the Eugene Waldorf Teacher Education Program (with an emphasis on early childhood education) and taught German at EWS.  Since 1998, Marion has been happy to teach the Rainbow Bridge classes while raising her three children.

  • Gena Hahn, Kindergarten Teacher

    Gena was born into the wet sunshine of Seattle, the fifth of five children, and grew up in the “enchanted forest” behind the family home. As a young adult, she was introduced to Anthroposophy at the Seattle Waldorf School, which led to her pursue becoming a Waldorf kindergarten teacher. After completing her teacher training at the Rudolf Steiner College, she was a founding teacher of the Waldorf-based Desert Marigold School in Phoenix, Arizona, and taught there for many years. Though Gena then explored several other educational approaches, her heart called her back to Waldorf. She was blessed then to teach at another Arizona Waldorf initiative, Mountain Oak School, as the lead kindergarten teacher and director of the early childhood program for several years.

    But the Pacific Northwest beckoned… So she and her family decided to return here, where she can also fully enjoy her other passions of gardening, ecological building and contra-dancing. Gena and her husband, and their elementary-age daughter, are joyful at being part of the light- and love-filled EWS community.

  • Marie-Christine Lhomond, Kindergarten and Afternoon Program Teacher

    Marie Christine was born in France and enjoyed a happy childhood. After graduating with a baccalaureate in sciences, she worked as a social worker until moving to the United States. In 1993, she began training to become a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher at the Waldorf Teacher Training center in Eugene, studying under master teachers Willi Muller and Ilse Kolbuszowski. After graduating from the training, Marie-Christine became a teacher at the Eugene Waldorf School where she assisted Mrs. Shippull, a teacher of great experience, for three years. She then became the Rosebud Preschool teacher and later the teacher in the Rose and Sunflower Kindergartens. At her home, Marie-Christine has raised four children, all Waldorf students, who now are healthy and competent adults.

    In the course of the years, her involvement at the school has been extensive. She actively participated in re-creating the College of Teachers, was a member of the Board of directors for many years as well as being part of the Finance Circle. She has served on many committees such as PR, Care Group, Admissions, the Summer Arts Program, the After School Care Group and others.

    Though Marie-Christine is strongly involved in many endeavors at the Eugene Waldorf School, her great care is for the children in her class. To improve her understanding and skills, she regularly participates in Waldorf early childhood conferences and Anthroposophical conferences in France, Canada and the United States. The school appreciates Marie-Christine’s diligence and expertise and regularly calls upon her to mentor other teachers in the Early Childhood Program.

  • Robyn Mundrick, Preschool Teacher

    Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, Susquehanna River, and rolling farm land, Robin enjoyed a sweet, simple and dreamy childhood in the small town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. She grew up in her mother’s childhood home with a community that knew and looked out for one another. After traveling to Greece in twelfth grade she was awestruck by how different and beautiful the land and people could be.  Wonder stirred in her and she set off in her Volkswagen van to meet the adventures that awaited… miraculous!!!

    Robin has lived in Eugene off and on for the last twelve years, where the adventure continues. Her son Elijah was born near Blue River in 1998. She graduated from the Teacher Education program in 2007 and is excited and inspired to grow, learn and share her joy with the children. 

  • Bonnie Stambaugh, Kindergarten Teacher

    Bonnie was born in Seattle, Washington.  Her family moved to Chinook at the mouth of the Columbia River when she was 12 years old.  Growing up at the beach, she came to love the big sky, bare feet, and even a good strong storm once in a while. She fished commercially for five years and learned to respect tides, channels, and big ships!

    As an exchange student in college, she went to Norway for a year where she discovered her love for weaving. She returned and continued her studies in Eugene at the University of Oregon Fibers Program. For the next two years she spent her time juggling the U of O studies with the Waldorf Teacher Education, and with her son, Ponce.  Bonnie completed both programs and went to Breitenbush Hot Springs to begin a small school for the community children.  After a few years it was time for her son to have his own teacher, so they moved back to Eugene where she has been a member of the Eugene Waldorf School faculty ever since.

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