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Eugene Waldorf School

Faculty Profiles

  • Megan Bassett, Funds Development Coordinator

    Megan spent her childhood with her three siblings swimming in lakes and fishing in the Puget Sound. Struck by the diversity and richness of our world, Megan developed a passion for fostering understanding among people. Megan completed a bachelor’s degree in International Studies at the University of Oregon in 1992. This is also where she met her husband Matt Keenan and the two became founders of Eugene’s acoustic dance band The Sugar Beets. Megan began working as a bilingual assistant for the 4J schools’ Migrant Education program. Then while living in Portland she expanded her leadership skills through training in public speaking, event planning, volunteer recruitment and project management with Landmark Education Corporation. The Sugar Beets performed all over the Northwest during these years and Megan continued working in recruitment and volunteer management with Latino families in Northern Oregon before starting a family and returning to Eugene in 2004. Here she was introduced to Eugene Waldorf School where each of her three children have attended since 2005. In Eugene, Megan continues to create music and enjoys planning concerts that raise money for non-profit organizations. Working in Funds Development for EWS is a perfect way for her love of connecting with all people and her love of art to come together.

  • Valerie Perrott, PR and Enrollment Coordinator

    Valerie’s childhood included the urban wonders of the South side of Chicago, small town life in Minnesota and the delights of lake-filled Minneapolis, both summer and winter.  She graduated from Earlham College in 1993 with a B.A. in Peace & Global Studies.  After living in Chicago again for several years, she came out to Oregon where she met her husband, Jason.  They now have two girls who attend the Eugene Waldorf School.

    Valerie has been involved with the Eugene Waldorf School since 2001 when she enrolled in the Waldorf Teacher Education, Eugene program.  She co-taught for two years in kindergarten and then served on the board for a two-year term.  Since 2011, she has carried the role as the Public Relations and Enrollment Coordinator for the school. It is a welcomed and exciting blend of her love of people and Waldorf education.

  • Kathy Reardon, Faculty Chair

    Kathy grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario in Rochester, NY. After college she moved to Corvallis, Oregon, a place she called home for 23 years. There she raised five beautiful children. When her youngest two started school, she was introduced to Waldorf education and began studying at the Waldorf Teacher Training, Eugene while working at the Corvallis Waldorf School. She was deeply entrenched in the growing of a new school at CWS. Kathy treasures all the colleagues, parents, teachers, and especially children, who have come into her life through that work. She began her study of Anthroposophy, which became very important to her. Kathy has been at the Eugene Waldorf School since 2002, working in the kindergartens, on the site committee, in the garden and in the position as co-faculty chair. She enjoys working and playing together with all of her community members, including family, singing and being in nature.

  • Marcia Seymour, Co-Faculty Chair

    Marcia grew up in Palos Verdes, California, with two older brothers. She enjoyed the outdoors along the California coast and the Sierra Nevada. She holds a BA in Fine Arts from UC Santa Barbara, which included a year and a half at Instituto Allende, in central Mexico. Her next step was to become a Buddhist nun at Zen Center of Los Angeles, where she met her husband, Brian. They moved to Oregon and in 1996 their two daughters joined the Eugene Waldorf School. Marcia taught Handwork for four years before joining the Eugene Teacher Training program, which was an inspiration and support in her decision to teach the grades. Her class she taught first through eighth grade graduated in 2008.

  • Atta Turck, Site Coordinator

    See Specialists section for Atta Turck’s biography.

  • Molly Wilson, Administrator

    Molly grew up in Eugene, the second of two children and the daughter of two teachers, which is one of the reasons she loves being around teachers all day long.  After spending parts of junior high and high school in Turkey and Nigeria, she graduated from South Eugene High School in 1974. After a year abroad in Kyoto, Japan, Molly graduated from Williams College with a degree in comparative religions, and settled in Seattle.  After several years of working in a collective restaurant, where she was first introduced to the pleasures of accounting and bookkeeping, Molly returned to school where she earned a doctorate in computer science. 

    Molly has two children and two stepchildren, three of whom graduated from EWS.  Molly’s husband Jay has been a parent at the school since 1992.  In their free time, they love to explore the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  Molly has been in the Business Office since 1996.  She loves the challenges and joys of serving parents, teachers and children, and is grateful to have found a profession that combines so many of her interests and that requires a passionate attention to social interactions.

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